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The PRT-Group:
The PRT-Group is an international organization of qualified dealer/applicators specializing in the use of the latest technology for the chemical rejuvenation of asphalt pavements. Rejuvenator is ideal for use on airports, condominiums, office buildings, shopping centers, hospitals, etc. If you are an owner, engineer, or property manager, of any of these facilities, continue to browse this site to learn more, or you can even learn how to become a contractor dealer!

The Value of Your Asphalt Pavement:
The price of all petroleum products like gasoline, heating oil and paving asphalt, have risen dramatically in the past few years. Your asphalt pavement is now more valuable and more expensive to replace. There have been numerous studies done to show that a properly implemented asphalt maintenance program is three times more cost effective than doing no maintenance. This will save you and your company significant money in the long run.

Why Asphalt Pavements Deteriorate:
Asphalt deterioration is a chemical as well as a physical process. Oxidation causes the pavement binder to become hard and brittle. Deterioration of the asphalt binder that holds the aggregate together is the real problem. If proper maintenance is not implemented, the high cost of repaving or reconstruction is certain.

How to Stop Pavement Deterioration:
If oxidative hardening can be chemically reversed, the life of the pavement will be extended 2-3 times its current life. Rejuvenators chemically treat the asphalt binder. They reverse oxidative hardening and extend the life of the pavement; thus, decreasing your asphalt maintenance and paving costs.

Rejuvenator is a Penetrate:
It is NOT a sealcoat or surface seal or coating. There are many of these products on the market today. Some have been around for 40 years and are less effective now due to changes in raw materials. Some are too costly; some are ineffective and do not provide true value for your maintenance dollar. Using the right product at the time when it can be most effective is the key.