Company History

True Vision Consulting, LLC was started in 2005 by Stephen Plasco. He had a vision to create a company that could help small businesses compete with the big corporations that continually pop-up within communities. He believed that by helping businesses figure out what their niche is, they could almost altogether ignore the large corporations in their area, which would be unlikely to compete at such a level. If finding a niche is not possible, than he thought he could help businesses by making them focus more heavily on their long-term success. Short-term goals are very important, but he believes that you must always keep your long-term goals in view regardless of the situation. Stephen believes that the major problem with most businesses today, whether they are large or small, is that they are more concerned about making a profit immediately than being concerned about keeping their business healthy and honest. He believes that if a business would look more towards the future, than most problems and corruption, outside of outright greed, would cease to occur. If you believe the way our company does, please give us a call so that we can help you find what your business needs to stay competitive.

Mission Statement

Here at True Vision Consulting, LLC we strive to help your business find the long-term success it deserves. We do this by helping your business find its niche, and/or by helping your business focus on long-term success. We also help solve any short-term problems you may have, but we vow to always keep your long-term success in mind when doing so.

Our Promise to You

At True Vision Consulting, LLC we have five promises to you:

  1. We will always keep YOUR companies’ best interests at the forefront of our decisions.
  2. We will never tell your company only what it WANTS to hear, but what it NEEDS to hear, even if you will not like it.
  3. We will always try and make the best decisions from the information available to us for your business.
  4. We will never give any sensitive information about your business to any other person or entity without your written consent.
  5. We promise to be 100% professional in everything we do.